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Summer Events at MNGR

June 11, 2012

Hello to all our greyhound friends! Just wanted tell you all about the fabulous events MNGR has planned for the Summer months. We’ll also be asking for a little volunteer help… The outdoor festivals and events are a fun way to spend the day with your hound, and to help MNGR at the same time. Please consider coming out for an event.

Volunteering at our events is easy! You just bring yourself and your hound. If possible, a dog bed and a chair for you would be great too, in case we don’t have enough to go around. Then you have a seat and hang out, while event-goers come by to pet your hound and ask you questions about what it’s like to share your life with a greyhound. Your dog will love the attention. If you have any questions about volunteering at “Meet n Greets,” just let us know.

June 14 to July 26 – Marketfest in White Bear Lake
This event runs from 5:30-9:00pm every Thursday. It’s located in downtown White Bear Lake. This event is extremely family-friendly, with music, bounce-houses, and food that the kids will love.

June 22 – Rochesterfest Parade
This is a super fun one! There will be a trailer for hounds who cannot walk the whole route. Kids under 8 years old may not walk – they may ride in a wagon or a stroller pulled by somebody older. We want to have tons of hounds in the parade! Contact Kelly at for more information on participating.

June 23 and June 24 – Twin Cities Pride
We have done this every year since MNGR began, and it’s one of our favorites. We could sure use some extra help this year, on both days. Let Jen or Kelly know if you might be able to attend. We will be in Loring Park; however, we do not yet know the location of our booth.

July 20, 21, and 22 – St Paul’s Highlandfest
This busy festival is located in the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul. It’s another family-friendly event with rides, fair food, and lots to see. Saturday especially is busy for us, and we’d love some help. We’re not sure of the exact hours yet, but contact Jen when the dates get closer for more info.

Aug 18-19 – Renaissance Festival Ye Olde Pet Fest
This is a huge event with long hours (9AM – 7PM each day) and we could really use the volunteer help! The Pet Fest has adoptable pets, but also booths with activities and info on nutrition, grooming, pet products and more. There’s a pet costume contest and a bird show too! Come on out and hang with us at this fun event.

Minnesota State Fair
We don’t know for sure which days yet, but we usually try for the first Saturday and Sunday of the Fair. This is an opportunity for MNGR to reach a huge number of people! This is a non-stop, constantly busy event, running from 8-8 each day. Our booth is inside the Pet Building. Because there is very limited space in our little “box,” we do need to keep to a schedule. To sign up for a time slot, contact Kelly at

Sept 8 and 9 – Jesse James Days
This Northfield event is fun and family-friendly. We set up in a local park (along with an arts and crafts show), and talk with festival-goers. This a great, laid-back event in a nice shady location. It’s about 40 minutes south of the Twin Cities, and we’d love some extra help!

More to Come!

These are the events on the docket right now; but I’m sure more will be added as the summer progresses. If you aren’t our fan on Facebook, please join us there! That’s the fastest way for us to get new information to you. Thanks so much for your support!


Well, hello!

August 2, 2011

Long time, no blog. Summers get crazy around here…It’s MNGR’s busiest time both for events and for adoptions. We’ve checked off most of our major Summer gigs, including Marketfest, Highlandfest, and Pride. Still to come are the State Fair and Jesse James Days in Northfield.

We’ve also been busy on the home front. Our kidlets go to Montessori over the Summer, where they (hopefully) learn stuff and go on field trips and play soccer. They’re also in a kiddie taekwondo program called Little Ninjas, and we spend a ton of time at the martial arts school. But the biggest news is that sometime this month we’ll be adding two more humans to our pack – a little guy and a little gal, both 4-ish years old. We are battening down the hatches. This includes preparing for Lloyd to go on a 3-week trip to China, and then come home to an undoubtedly chaotic adjustment period. We may be slow to process adoptions during this time, or be forgetful about responding to emails. But keep bugging us and we’ll get to it. Excuse the brain mush — it’ll pass. At least until we have 4 teenagers…

We’ve gotten a number of dogs from Kansas this summer, and we really appreciate the Kansas-area connections that we’ve been making. They are sending us 5 new pups on Thursday; 3 boys and 2 girls. One of the girls is 7, and might be a brood momma. 7 is a great age to adopt a hound – they are still young enough to act like puppies now and again, but also settled.

There will be one boy in the bunch that we are reserving ONLY for our past adopters or past greyhound owners with references from another group. He is a special boy and unfortunately boys like him generate interest just based on appearance.  He deserves someone who wants him for who he is, not for his beautiful baby blue coat. If any of our members are interested, shoot me an email asap.

Some of our longest-term residents still wait for families because they aren’t cat-tolerant. If you are a catless home, please do consider one of these guys. Beaut and Dudley have both been living in the main house with our family dogs. They are perfect dogs. Very different personalities from one another, but both perfect just the same. I’m going to have a very hard time parting with them, and they need truly special forever families after this long wait. Anyone who adopts either of them will be getting a priceless gift.

Maker (who we’ve decided to call Jake, since Maker is really kind of a no-name name) still waits as well. He’s just a nice guy all around. Kind of a klutz, kind of a goofball, with nothing but good intentions. Unless you are a cat. We’re looking into a urinary issue with him, but it should be fixable. He’s such a pretty boy and so good-natured, he really ought to have a family by now. He’s been living part-time in our main house (he’d be in full-time if there weren’t already 9 dogs in here), and gets along with everyone including the 2-legged kids. He is SO excited to be allowed in here that he’s just beside himself. He wants a family so badly.

Then there is Gal. Can’t believe she has waited so long. Beautiful, photogenic fawn girl – but alas, a cat eater. She’s an alpha girl, so needs to be an only female. But she has personality to spare. She would be a true companion for someone. When we show her, she comes roaring out like a freight train, so excited to meet whoever it is. But give her a few minutes and she calms right down. When she’s in the house, she lays on the couch just like all the others, like she owns the place.

Of course we also have Gina (cute little black girl), Jilly (silly fawn brindle), and Fisher (SWEET black boy, slightly timid). Is that everyone?  Feel like I’m forgetting somebody…

Anyway! Now that we have our remodeled kennel, we will generally have a bit more room for boarders (unless a new haul has just come in). Depending on the population here at the time, boarding dogs either stay in the main house with our personal pets or in their own pen in the kennel (with turnout playtimes, etc). We’ve never set a price before, and have always left the donation up to the owner. However, with increased interest, we have decided to set a Suggested Donation of $15/day for the 1st dog, $12/day for the 2nd dog, 3rd dog and up $10/day depending on space. It is ALWAYS limited space and first-come-first-reserved. We only take greyhounds. Other dogs are on an extremely limited case-by-case basis, as we sometimes have greyhounds here who are not good with other breeds. Of course you are welcome to make an extra donation to the rescue if you wish, including material donations such as Kirkland dog food, large beds, etc.

In other news… If you are new to the blog, or new to dog adoption, please check out this article. It was featured this week on Yahoo!’s Lifestyles homepage. Feel free to pass it around to anyone who is thinking of getting a dog. Just a few things to keep in mind when making that decision, based on the many “bouncebacks” we’ve seen in our 10 years of adoption and rescue:

10 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog

OOH! I almost forgot the most exciting new news! Well, for me anyway – haha. A very nice, generous family has donated a 1998 Chevy Astro (that we affectionately call Astrid) to MNGR. Yes – out of the blue. We were floored. We just got her on Friday, and are still amazed that someone just gave her to us. So now MNGR has a “fleet”! We can pick up dogs from the vet AND do a home visit! We can have one van at an event, and transport hounds to and from with the other van. It is just too cool. THANK YOU SO MUCH – if you are reading this!

One last note before I close…

We are deeply sorry for the passing of one of our adoptees, Deja Vu, in July. She was lost to heat stroke, and her family misses her very much. She was only 3 years old. You were loved, Deja!

Please let Deja’s story save a life, and review the signs of heat stroke. It has been downright nasty weather, so please be careful and keep your pups inside as much as possible.



July 29, 2010

Seems like everytime I start a blog entry lately, I have to begin by noting how much time has passed since my last blog entry.  What can I say?  Summers around here are crazy.  We’ve made it through all the June and July events, including the long Highlandfest weekend.  Tonight is the last Thursday of Marketfest in White Bear Lake.  In August we have a bit of a break from festivals, but then we have the MN State Fair, Jesse James Days in Northfield, and a Como Zoo event piled up.  That should take us right up to the end of Minnesota’s decent weather season.

Adoptions have slowed down a bit.  Unfortunately we’ve had a bit of a run where people submit apps and then never respond to my emails back to schedule a time.  I always wonder why that happens.  Did they change their minds?  Seems strange that they’d bother to fill out our loooong app if they weren’t pretty darn sure they wanted a greyhound.  Did they get a dog elsewhere during the (generally short, but sometimes 7-10 day) lag between application and our trying to schedule them for a visit?  Wish people would at least let me know what happened so I wouldn’t wonder.

Anyway, on the upside, it looks like Blue has found a family via Highlandfest.  They met her there and hopefully will be taking her home next week or the following.  She’s sweet, but black, so has had to wait a bit longer.

We’ve gotten some new faces in, including a sweet guy named Edgar who was adopted within a week.  Check our Petfinder page to see pic of the shy but adorable Fisher, perky and funny Riser, and playful Gal.  All likely to be cat tolerant.

Poor Beaut still waits for a family.  He is not cat tolerant, but he is a love and a half.  Anyone want to give him a chance??

On the home front, things have been rough for our dear Apollo.  I mentioned in the last post that he was moving a bit more uncomfortably than usual.  Well, it didn’t seem to let up, so we decided to knock him out and do some xrays.  The pain seemed to be in his lower back or hips, so that’s what we shot.  Good news is, there are no obvious signs of metastasis at the time of the xrays.  Bad news is, of course, that it could just not be showing up on the xrays yet but still be there.

Anyway, we decided to operate under the hypothesis that he just tweaked his back somehow, and I took him for some chiropractic and acupuncture.  The chiro vet said he needed some “major adjustments” because he needs to carry his front end twisted in order to make his one front leg fall in the middle of his body.  So, she adjusted him.

The next day, he could not walk.  He was moving worse than he was the day after his leg amputation.  I was worried that the chiro vet had cracked a vertebrae or something.  We gave him some morphine for pain, and waited.  The next day, he still couldn’t walk, so I (unfortunately) gave him another dose of morphine, not wanting him to be in pain.  He was panting and whining (and he NEVER whines), and I was in a panic.

I called the chiro vet, but she was out that day.  They passed me off to another vet in the practice, who promptly told me about 30 seconds into the conversation that I ought to consider euthanasia.  WHAT???  So, I called the fabulous Dr. M at 8AM at home on her day off, nearly in tears.  I told her what that other vet had said, and her jaw dropped to the floor.  She was mad!  Went on about how she has never in her career said that to a client without seeing the dog in person, even if it was a dog she had known for 10 years.

Again, Dr M talked me down off my ledge.  She told me that it was completely plausible that the chiropractic had knocked him on his ass like that.  But, she listened to him over the phone breathing, and told me that his panting and whining was a classic morphine side effect.  So!  Unfortunately I had just given him more morphine a half hour before, so all we could do was wait it out and see how he was moving once the morphine was out of his system.  I now have this valuable piece of information about Apollo: He does NOT metabolize narcotics well!  It took over 24 hours to get that 12-hr extended release morphine tablet out of his system.  And once he was no longer in la-la land, he actually was doing a lot better.  There was a point during the night when we tried to wake him up to go potty, thinking the morphine should have worn off by then, when he simply could not control his legs.  I thought I had paralyzed my dog.  So come the next evening, when he was able to get up and move around, I was completely and totally relieved.

That all happened about a week ago.  He’s back up and about again, around the level he was at prior to the chiro appointment.  We still feel like there is something going on with him, but don’t know what it is.  He had a massage last night (yes, they have  doggie massage therapists) and the gal who did it said all his muscles were really tight and spasming.  So!  We basically don’t know whether he really does have underlying spinal mets, or whether he just tweaked his back and now his muscles are all cramped up.  Clearly, we are hoping the massage makes a difference.  I’m sending his rads off to a radiologist anyhow, hoping for good news.

Everyone else at home is doing fine.  I’ve been missing my Old Guard lately, though.  Had a dream one night that my Crisco was alive again, and I just held him and held him.  It was a very vivid and realistic dream.  Wonderful to be with him again, even if only for that ethereal time.  I’ve also been back to work on the portrait of Sly that I started so long ago (but went months without working on), so that has put him in my thoughts a lot as well.  I’ve been so lucky to have all these guys in my life.

Well, I have a lot more to say, but not the time to say it today.  Hopefully soon!



June 13, 2010

How did so much time pass since the last post?? Boy, I am really dropping the blog ball here, it seems.

Well, let’s see. What’s new? How about a double Hammie update?? Let’s do the best news first. Okay? Hold onto your hats, ’cause here it comes:


Can you believe it? I barely can. I don’t know what we will do without him, but I sure am happy for him. He is still here while his new mom is out of town, but he will go home on July 3rd.

He had one of the funniest home visits I have ever been on. The applicants have a lovely property with horses and miniature horses……and a swimming pool. When we set up their home visit, they actually asked us to bring our four hardest to place dogs! Can I tell you what music that was to my ears? They said they liked the big boys. Needless to say, we were thrilled, and we did just that. We brought Hammie, Beaut, Buddy and Greg. Hammie came in first. Ran around the yard, met the horse through the fence, and then walked up to the edge of their pool and just kept right on walkin.’ In he went, much to his surprise! I pretty much knew that was going to happen, and figured I’d be diving in after him. But Hammie’s dad-to-be didn’t think twice – he jumped right into the pool, fully clothed (with cell phone in pocket), and calmly led Hammie to the stairs. (Meanwhile, I stood on the side of the pool laughing my ass off at Hammie’s expression.)

I knew for sure they were good people when the mom ran into the house to get some towels… for Hammie! I said, “Oh, I thought those were for your husband!” She looked as though that hadn’t occurred to her, laughed, and said, “He knows where they are!”

We brought the other 3 boys out to the yard too. As they came out, I said to the people, “I bet you Buddy’s going in the pool.” And he did. Just too much curiosity in that one, and not enough sense. So the dad had to jump in after him too. hee hee!

And, well, they picked Hammie! I think it will be a perfect placement for him. I just can’t believe it finally happened for him.

His leg is doing MUCH better. We are still doing wet-to-dry bandaging, but it has gotten so much smaller. Here are photos of it at its worst, and then a photo from yesterday:

He’s going to have one heck of a big scar, but it is healing really well.  We contemplated doing a skin graft, but it’s been healing so well and so quickly that we didn’t need to.  We’re hoping to have it closed up before he goes to his new home.

Let’s see…  What else is new?  Eve was also adopted, and Blossom is waiting for her new family to take her home as well.  So the adoptables still hanging around here are: Beaut, Dash, Maker, Buddy, Greg, Tamborine, Holliston, Dudley, True Blue, and Angel.

As for the dogs on the home front… Apollo is doing well.  He had his 3rd chemo on Tuesday and had minimal bad effects.  A bit of nausea on Thursday morning, but no biggie.  Before the treatment, he had a thoracic ultrasound which showed no signs of cardiomyopathy, so that was good news.  He has 2 more treatments to go, and one more ultrasound.

We decided not to do a 3-month set of lung xrays on him.  We’re just continuing with chemo and assuming there are no lung mets at this time.  He would need to be put under for the rads, because he freaks out if you try to lay him on his side or his back, and it’s not worth the trauma and risk for him.  He seems healthy, is maintaining a good weight, so I am assuming the best at this point.  He is a happy guy and loves to go for rides.  He and Tigger just about bowl me over when they see that I am wearing my Meet n Greet clothes.

This coming Thursday, the regular Marketfest event starts up in White Bear Lake.  Every Thursday for 7 weeks from 5:30-9pm.  This is a rough one on us (with the human children to manage as well, going so late on a weeknight) but a good event for the rescue.  We get a lot of attention there, and the organizers are really good to us.  So I am looking forward to it, despite the lack of sleep and crabby children.

On Friday the 25th, we have the Rochesterfest parade.  If anyone is interested in marching with us with your hound, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Kelly, who is coordinating it.  This is a fun one too!

Then Twin Cities Pride on the 26-27th.  Busy, busy, busy!  Hoping to move out some of my longer-term residents into families this Summer!!


Meet n Greet canceled

March 20, 2010

Today’s Meet n Greet (3/20) at Richfield Petsmart is canceled, because we need to stay home and take care of our sick little guy Whitey.  We were at the e-vet with him until 3AM last night, and we all need some rest.  The Rochester Meet n Greet is not affected.  Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who had planned to come.


No Meet n Greet today

January 2, 2010

No Eagan Meet n Greet today. It is just too damn cold (-17 at my house, without windchill). I can’t drag the dogs out in this, and they put us near the door at Eagan. No one with any sense would be out and about today anyway, right??


Meet n Greet schedule change

November 25, 2009

We’ve made a last-minute adjustment to our Meet n Greet schedule for this weekend. We were going to cancel altogether because of Whitey, but he is doing so well we decided to go ahead with it. However, we are going to have it on FRIDAY instead of Saturday, to take advantage of the “Black Friday” crowds. We’re also doing it a little earlier in the day – 10AM to around 1PM.

Love to see any of you there! Whitey may or may not be in attendance, depending on how he is feeling.