About Me

I run a greyhound rescue in Minnesota.  I have 9 greyhounds of my own, 2 staghounds and one random 15-yr-old border collie, plus usually 5-11 adoptable greyhounds.  I also have 4 human kiddos, all adopted from China’s “special needs” waiting child program.  This is my blog about life with greyhounds — both my personal dogs and my greyhound rescue.

In the photo above, the dogs are Crisco and Tanner.

Here are some pics of everybody…..

Buddy, age 6

Petey, age 3

Niles, age 11

Kevin the staghound, age 7

Frank the staghound, age 8

Tigger, age 10

Eyore, age 10

Silly Dudley, 5/10/2005 – 12/2011

Beaut, age 7

Boozer holding his ice cream cup, 1998-2012

Palu, age 14

First-born Palu, 10/3/1995 – 7/2010

Tobey, age 10, eating cupcake

Tobey, age 12, 1999-2012

Chester, age 9

Chester, age 12

Brad, age 5

Brad, age 8

Apollo, age 9

Gentle Apollo, 2/13/2000 – 8/2010

Hank, age 2

Hank, age 5


Amazing Whitey, 8/29/1998 – 4/3/2010

Beautiful Tanner, 1/3/96-2/16/09

Beautiful Tanner, 1/3/96-2/16/09

Little Annie, 9/1997-4/16/2009

Little Annie, 9/1997-4/16/2009

Abby Schnauzer, ?/1997-8/2009

Abby Schnauzer, ?/1997-8/2009

Sweet Sly, 8/22/1998-9/21/2009

Sweet Sly, 8/22/1998-9/21/2009

Beloved Crisco Roo, 1/4/1996-9/28/2009

Beloved Crisco Roo, 1/4/1996-9/28/2009



  1. I love your work, and I am sure I have seen some in person at Dewey Beach maybe. Do you have an etsy store? Did you make those potholders that you show in your collection? Where can I purchase some of your stuff?
    Bree (and Rose and Jessie)

  2. We’ve always had Great Danes in the past. We now own little 10 lb. mutt Bella and are investigating Greyhounds. It is awesome work you do–congrats.

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