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Oldies but Goodies

August 6, 2013

I was looking something up about Whitey’s recovery from his leg amputation the other day, and came across this post from the end of 2009. Go read it first.

I wrote it, obviously, and in fact I lived it. But I was still in tears reading it. Man, I still miss every last one of them. It seems like it all happened yesterday.

Since then, we’ve adopted a bunch more seniors. Whitey and Apollo both died in 2010, both of their osteosarcoma. Tigger (age 9 at adoption) came in February shortly before Whitey died. And Eyore (age 9 at adoption) came the same day that we let Apollo go. There has also been Boozer (sweet, sweet baby adopted at 13 years old, and gave us a beautiful year and a half), Sarge (age almost 12 at adoption and still with us), two staghounds (relatively young for me, only age 8 and 9 at adoption) named Frank and Kevin, and most recently Marvin Yellowstone (age 11.5 at adoption).

There are so many seniors out there waiting. So many, it breaks my heart every time I see one posted. It’s never their fault. They’ve lost the home they’ve known for most of their lives because of divorces, new babies, job losses, or worse — new carpet. And they don’t understand, and they are sad and scared.

But they have so much love to give, and so much life left in them. Even though their last people may have stopped caring a long time ago, gotten bored, gotten busy, whatever…. The dogs will still give their new people a chance. They will still trust, and they will still love with all they have. That’s what dogs do.

No dog deserves to spend his old age in a shelter, confused and missing his family. You can make a difference in that life. And the difference it will make in YOUR life will astonish you.

MNGR frequently has the opportunity to take in brood mamas from the Kansas farms. Sometimes as young as 7 or 8, sometimes as old as 10 or so. These ladies have put in their time working and raising babies for the racetracks, and they deserve a loving family and a soft place for their golden years. There are almost always brood mamas available, so please contact us if you might like us to bring one up from the farm for you. The alternative for these girls is not always a good one, and we can only take as many as we can place.

I also sometimes post seniors waiting with other groups to the MNGR Facebook page. If you ever want more info about any of these precious babies, please get in touch with me. Most groups are willing to move “special needs” and older dogs out of state to an approved home, and we can help with that! Don’t just look at the photos and feel sad. Or worse, don’t just scroll on by the photos to spare yourself the pain. If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, donate. If you can’t donate, at least share the posts and give these sweethearts their best shot at forever.