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On “Vacation”….

August 22, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please be patient with us as Lloyd travels to China to adopt our two newest children. Jen will be sole caregiver for 2 kids and 17 dogs while he is away, and will be processing applications slowly IF AT ALL until 9/9. If you submit an application, please be aware that we may not be able to finish your process until mid-September. We apologize for the inconvenience. IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL OR BEHAVIOR QUESTION – please email Jen, as she will be responding to those!


Well, hello!

August 2, 2011

Long time, no blog. Summers get crazy around here…It’s MNGR’s busiest time both for events and for adoptions. We’ve checked off most of our major Summer gigs, including Marketfest, Highlandfest, and Pride. Still to come are the State Fair and Jesse James Days in Northfield.

We’ve also been busy on the home front. Our kidlets go to Montessori over the Summer, where they (hopefully) learn stuff and go on field trips and play soccer. They’re also in a kiddie taekwondo program called Little Ninjas, and we spend a ton of time at the martial arts school. But the biggest news is that sometime this month we’ll be adding two more humans to our pack – a little guy and a little gal, both 4-ish years old. We are battening down the hatches. This includes preparing for Lloyd to go on a 3-week trip to China, and then come home to an undoubtedly chaotic adjustment period. We may be slow to process adoptions during this time, or be forgetful about responding to emails. But keep bugging us and we’ll get to it. Excuse the brain mush — it’ll pass. At least until we have 4 teenagers…

We’ve gotten a number of dogs from Kansas this summer, and we really appreciate the Kansas-area connections that we’ve been making. They are sending us 5 new pups on Thursday; 3 boys and 2 girls. One of the girls is 7, and might be a brood momma. 7 is a great age to adopt a hound – they are still young enough to act like puppies now and again, but also settled.

There will be one boy in the bunch that we are reserving ONLY for our past adopters or past greyhound owners with references from another group. He is a special boy and unfortunately boys like him generate interest just based on appearance.  He deserves someone who wants him for who he is, not for his beautiful baby blue coat. If any of our members are interested, shoot me an email asap.

Some of our longest-term residents still wait for families because they aren’t cat-tolerant. If you are a catless home, please do consider one of these guys. Beaut and Dudley have both been living in the main house with our family dogs. They are perfect dogs. Very different personalities from one another, but both perfect just the same. I’m going to have a very hard time parting with them, and they need truly special forever families after this long wait. Anyone who adopts either of them will be getting a priceless gift.

Maker (who we’ve decided to call Jake, since Maker is really kind of a no-name name) still waits as well. He’s just a nice guy all around. Kind of a klutz, kind of a goofball, with nothing but good intentions. Unless you are a cat. We’re looking into a urinary issue with him, but it should be fixable. He’s such a pretty boy and so good-natured, he really ought to have a family by now. He’s been living part-time in our main house (he’d be in full-time if there weren’t already 9 dogs in here), and gets along with everyone including the 2-legged kids. He is SO excited to be allowed in here that he’s just beside himself. He wants a family so badly.

Then there is Gal. Can’t believe she has waited so long. Beautiful, photogenic fawn girl – but alas, a cat eater. She’s an alpha girl, so needs to be an only female. But she has personality to spare. She would be a true companion for someone. When we show her, she comes roaring out like a freight train, so excited to meet whoever it is. But give her a few minutes and she calms right down. When she’s in the house, she lays on the couch just like all the others, like she owns the place.

Of course we also have Gina (cute little black girl), Jilly (silly fawn brindle), and Fisher (SWEET black boy, slightly timid). Is that everyone?  Feel like I’m forgetting somebody…

Anyway! Now that we have our remodeled kennel, we will generally have a bit more room for boarders (unless a new haul has just come in). Depending on the population here at the time, boarding dogs either stay in the main house with our personal pets or in their own pen in the kennel (with turnout playtimes, etc). We’ve never set a price before, and have always left the donation up to the owner. However, with increased interest, we have decided to set a Suggested Donation of $15/day for the 1st dog, $12/day for the 2nd dog, 3rd dog and up $10/day depending on space. It is ALWAYS limited space and first-come-first-reserved. We only take greyhounds. Other dogs are on an extremely limited case-by-case basis, as we sometimes have greyhounds here who are not good with other breeds. Of course you are welcome to make an extra donation to the rescue if you wish, including material donations such as Kirkland dog food, large beds, etc.

In other news… If you are new to the blog, or new to dog adoption, please check out this article. It was featured this week on Yahoo!’s Lifestyles homepage. Feel free to pass it around to anyone who is thinking of getting a dog. Just a few things to keep in mind when making that decision, based on the many “bouncebacks” we’ve seen in our 10 years of adoption and rescue:

10 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog

OOH! I almost forgot the most exciting new news! Well, for me anyway – haha. A very nice, generous family has donated a 1998 Chevy Astro (that we affectionately call Astrid) to MNGR. Yes – out of the blue. We were floored. We just got her on Friday, and are still amazed that someone just gave her to us. So now MNGR has a “fleet”! We can pick up dogs from the vet AND do a home visit! We can have one van at an event, and transport hounds to and from with the other van. It is just too cool. THANK YOU SO MUCH – if you are reading this!

One last note before I close…

We are deeply sorry for the passing of one of our adoptees, Deja Vu, in July. She was lost to heat stroke, and her family misses her very much. She was only 3 years old. You were loved, Deja!

Please let Deja’s story save a life, and review the signs of heat stroke. It has been downright nasty weather, so please be careful and keep your pups inside as much as possible.