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Off Topic today….

March 7, 2011

Many of you may know that I advocate for fur-less kid adoption in addition to greyhound adoption.  Today I need to spend a minute of your time on that kind of adoption.  There’s a “movement” going around the adoption blogs encouraging people to consider adoption children with special needs.  So here’s my little contribution….

I have 2 girls from China, and waiting for a third to arrive home soon.  But what follows doesn’t just apply to adoption from China.  There are waiting children there, here, and everywhere!

Many times, what prospective families see about “special needs kids” looks something like the following:

  • Boy, 3 yrs, repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate 3rd degree
  • Girl, 6 years, spina bifida, possible HepB
  • Girl, 18 months, congenital heart defect
  • Boy, 2 yrs, malformed hands and feet

But those kids are NOT their special needs.  This is WHO THEY ARE:

Then… Girl, 4 yrs, cerebral palsy, confined motion of right limbs.

Now… Sunshine, my daughter, exuberant, fearless, curious and loving.

Then… Girl, 3 yrs, dental abnormalities

Now… Maisy, my daughter, amazingly smart, creative, gorgeous

Girl, 3 yrs, missing arm (fibrosarcoma) and Hep B

Soon to be Poppy, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, loved child

These are my own beautiful and perfect children.  But I didn’t just get lucky.

Right now there are beautiful, loving children WAITING for a family to love them.

They are not broken, or too old, or second best.  In fact they are perfect.

Once you see past the label.



March 2, 2011

Well, here’s a little update on Boozer and his first week!  Let me tell you, I am head over heels for this little guy.  And little he is — my littlest hound by far!  He has settled in so well.  The first night, he climbed right up in bed and snuggled in at my feet.  He’s been in bed every night since.  He has learned that he is allowed on the couch, and that if he stands around in the kitchen looking cute,  I often hand over a treat.  He has playbowed me in the yard, and chased Tigger around a pine tree.  For almost 13, he is a perky and spry little dude.

I do think that he is at least mostly deaf.  But he uses the other dogs for cues, so he is able to keep up with what’s going on.  He came with a pretty deep-seated toenail bed infection on his front foot, but I’ve got that mostly gone.  But he looks really good for his age.

He did give me a hell of a scare yesterday though.  I found a lump behind his left knee, where the popliteal lymph node is.  Checked his other nodes, not swollen.  Couldn’t find any other injuries that could cause a swollen node.  So of course I am convincing myself that he’s got lymphosarcoma.  (As some of you know, our little White was diagnosed with osteo just 2 weeks after we adopted him, so I have a history here.)

We went to the vet this morning, and the wonderful Dr M told me that it is NOT a lymph node!!  The lymph node is actually underneath it, but it is a FATTY CYST!  We aspirated it, and it was nice oily clear yellow fat cells.   Dr M is now my very favorite person on Earth (she was already in the top 5!!), and I am so very relieved.

He is such a good little guy, even Eyore seems to like him.  And he has gone up to 11 hours without an accident here!!  So I suspect his other home was just stressful for him.  I love my new little boy!

With Eyore....My biggest and littlest boys