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The Big Project

January 31, 2011

I’ve had this project in my head for a couple years now, and it’s finally happening. When we moved into this house in December 2005, from Atlanta, we designed a “kennel room” for our personal 7 dogs (6 greyhounds and the schnauzer). We insulated and heated a former 3-season porch with a wall of windows. We had nice-looking wood and plexiglass pens constructed, and put in 2 couches. The plan was that, when we were away from home, our 7 dogs would hang out in there. 4 greys in pens, and 2 greys and Abby Schnauzer free to move about the room and sit on the sofas. And that worked great….for a couple months.

Then, we started MNGR. The first 5 adoptable hounds from the Shoreline Star closing were quite a shock to us, never having lived with fresh-off-the-track hounds before. All but our very first boy were older returns from other homes. And when we worked with Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta, all the adoptables stayed with Carl (not us!). They did things that our little kennel room was not designed to withstand — they put their front paws up on the wood frames of the pens and scratched them up. Chewed the wood off in chunks. Nested in the couches and wore them out. And in the switch to a new diet, had accidents that took ages to clean up. We had a “kennel room,” not a kennel. And what we need is a kennel.

I’ve talked about this on and off for ages now, but we never had the resources to make it happen, nor did we know anyone who wanted to take on this kind of project. But thanks to one of our greyt volunteers — the daddy of Sally, Suzy, Boots, Sady, and angel Molly — it is now underway.

Mr. Brad has torn everything out of the kennel, and we are awaiting the installation of a new hospital-grade linoleum floor and custom-built chain-link pens. It’s going to be MUCH MUCH easier to keep clean, have better air flow, and be laid out better to allow us to house more dogs at a time. Super excited about this!!

I’ll be posting “before” photos in a day or two, once I grab them off the camera.