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Bye-bye tree

October 31, 2010

So there was a tree right outside the entrance to the dog turnout area that drove us nuts. Constantly dropping pine cones that hurt the dogs’ feet (and tripped the kids), and dropping pine needles that got tracked into the house and stuck to the dogs’ water dish. We decided to cut it down.

It was about 14″ diameter. Lloyd tried to saw through it with a hand saw. And tried. And gave up. We don’t have a chainsaw, and Lloyd said I was not allowed to borrow one, as he firmly believed that I would cut off vital body parts. (He was probably right.)

Lloyd’s back started to hurt, and he must’ve been slightly delirious from bending over, because he agreed that we could tie a chain to the tree and pull it down with the van. Heh heh. I was totally thinking we were going to end up as a YouTube video joke, but it was disappointingly uneventful.

Worked pretty slick, actually. We pulled it over, and then I spent an hour or so sawing off all the branches, while Lloyd (“helped” by the girls) dragged them over and chucked them into our ravine. (I loving having property with a ravine that one can chuck things into.) The trunk is still sitting in our driveway, unfortunately. Today we will attempt to get rid of that too.

Now the kennel entrance is much sunnier.



October 31, 2010

I have FINALLY updated the Petfinder page to show off all of our available hounds. There are LOTS!!!

Take a look!



October 31, 2010

I wish this were a Halloween post, but it’s not. Please read the pages linked below. It is hard to hear, but anyone involved with greyhound adoption needs to know when things like this go on.

How can you help?? Adopt a greyhound! Foster a greyhound! Get just one more dog out of this kind of unspeakable situation. You can donate money or time to a greyhound adoption group. Groups like GPA Emerald Coast and GPA Daytona REALLY need the help! But chances are that your local group also gets Florida hounds… MNGR sure does! And spread the word about what happens to these sweet dogs when the industry is through with them. Write to legislators or newspapers in racing states and let them know what you think.

News Herald




Goodbye, Larry.

October 19, 2010

Many of us loved you, sweet Larry.  I’m glad I got to play a tiny little part in your life.




Tomorrow’s Meet n Greet and other catch-up

October 15, 2010

Tomorrow (Saturday) there will probably be no Meet n Greet at the Richfield Petsmart.  We have our kiddo’s Christmas card photos, and I haven’t been able to find anyone else to do it for us.  So unless I get a taker at the last minute, assume cancellation.

Things have been on the crazy side around here as usual.  Last weekend we received 4 new dogs from Daytona.  Poor Daytona has over 250 dogs waiting to be adopted or moved outside of Florida to other groups, and around 70 of those have broken legs.  The 4 that MNGR received have repaired broken hocks.  All are in good shape, though, and healing well.  My personal favorite is a little dark brindle boy named Horton.  I hope to get them up on Petfinder soon.

We also received two “bounceback” dogs: Sady and Boots.  Their family had to relinquish them due to the economy.  Sady is a small white female who is very shy but has a lot of potential.  Boots is a dark brindle playful girl.  They too should be up on Petfinder pretty soon.  Right now they are being fostered in Rochester.

On the homefront, we’ve had a couple sickies here.  Eyore went in to have 9 teeth extracted, and did very well.  Until the next day when his head swelled up like a football, making him look like a Bull Terrier/Greyhound mix.  Then the following night around 10:30pm, he popped a clot in his mouth and gushed blood like a fountain for about 2 hours.  So that was fun!

On the same day, I had Tobey in for a swollen wrist.  Thought he had a slipped pin from a 2007 break.  The x-ray showed nothing, but we noticed that he had some bruising on his belly.  Did some bloodwork, and Dr M said something that gave me a nice big shock: “He needs a blood transfusion!”  She had on her serious face, so I had Lloyd come over and take Tobey to the specialty clinic in Blaine.  He had 1000 platelets (normal for a greyhound is about 125,000) and was at a huge bleeding risk.

After a bunch of tests, including a bone marrow biopsy, a lymph node aspiration, tick titers, ultrasounds and more x-rays, we have decided to call it immune-mediated thrombocytopenia.  Basically, his immune system went nuts and started attacking his platelets, but we don’t know why.  He’s been on prednisone and doxycycline, and they are slowly climbing again.  He had 31,000 on Tuesday, and will be tested again this afternoon.  Strangely, Tobey has felt totally fine through all of this.  Somehow his body has been compensating, but we were watching carefully for seizures or other symptoms that could indicate internal bleeding into his brain or organs.  Scary stuff!

My big concern for the past couple days has been my greyhound “crush,” Larry.  He’s a 12.5 boy who is not mine, but whom I love and adore.  He was attacked by a cat and is having a very hard time of it.  His family almost lost him yesterday, but today he seems to be making some gains.  So, please send all good thoughts to my sweetheart Larry!!

That’s all the update I have time for today, but hoping to write more soon.