A sad story and a good reminder

May 26, 2010

A family who adopted two greyhounds (one from MNGR) sent me this email last night.

“I am shook up right now, but here goes. I had to put our cat Jasmine to sleep this evening at the ER vet. Somehow Fawna, Tigger and Jasmine all ended up in the main bathroom together and the dogs basically had their way with her. [My husband] is away at a conference and I had just gotten back with the kids from soccer/piano lessons. I thought it was really strange when Fawna and Tigger didn’t greet me in the entryway like they normally do. I heard a door rattling from upstairs and found the bathroom door closed. When I opened it, I was in shock. The dogs were thrilled to see me and came running out and Jasmine basically slithered out and went directly across the hall into our bedroom. I’ll spare the details, but as you can guess, she was in a great deal of pain.

The dogs and Jasmine had lived together with no issues, so we’ll never know what provoked them to attack her. Obviously they followed her into the bathroom and somehow the door accidentally got closed. I’m sure that Jasmine would have been crying and meowing to get out, so the sounds might have provoked one of them. The pack mentality followed.

I think we should use this accident as a reminder to other greyhound owners who think their dogs are “cat safe” to take extra precautions and either muzzle their greys when away, or find a way to separate their dogs and cats. Anything could trigger them at anytime to do what they were bred to do. We never would have guessed this would happen. We’ve left all three of them alone so many times. Tigger even lived with a white, fluffy kitten before we adopted him.

Jen, I know that you have always been a believer in muzzles and now I see why. You are a wise woman!

Please feel free to forward this email to other greyhound owners.”

Please don’t let this happen to your family. Many thanks to these owners for sharing their story.


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