And so it goes.

May 5, 2010

It always seems strange to me that life keeps going on after these losses.  How can the world continue to move without one as wonderful and loved as Whitey?  As Crisco, or Tanner, or Sly?  But somehow, the sun rises the next day and the other dogs need to go outside, the human kids need to be taken care of, and my inbox fills up with emails to be answered.

The day after we lost Little White, we were due to meet a haul of Daytona dogs.  So we have added 5 pups to our roster here… All came in pretty rough shape, skinny and full of ticks and fleas.  But all are very pretty and sweet dogs.  We got 3 females and 2 males.  Hoping to have time to take their photos this evening and then I can get them up on Petfinder.  I ran them up to the vet on Monday, so they are all ready to go.  One has even been moved into her foster home already for some TLC and fattening up.

On Sunday, we had a casual greyhound playdate here (I will post some photos below) to celebrate the memory of beautiful Whitey by remembering all the greyhounds who still need us.  There was lots of sniffing and exploring, a bit of running, and everyone was good and exhausted by the time they came home.

Monday was Whitey’s cremation service.  Since we learned that it was possible to have attended cremations for pets, we have done that for all of our dogs.  We use a place in Edina where you can place some special items with your loved one and then be there as they are placed in the crematory.  It gives you a chance to say goodbye one last time, and keep them from being “alone” when their bodies leave the world.  With Whitey, we sent a handful of dirt from his digging hole and a small white rock that I found in there that morning; six dandelions from his yard (one for each month he was with us); his blue tripawd t-shirt that matches Apollo’s; a pillow from our couch that I always used to prop up his head; a photo of him with his whole family; and an Arby’s roast beef sandwich.  I was glad to be able to kiss him one last time.

Yesterday, Apollo went in to resume his chemo treatments.  His incision is finally, finally healed up!  Finally!  He is looking good.  He’s at a good weight, and he did well during his treatment.  He happily ate dinner last night, but I expect he won’t have much appetite today.  I have some Cerenia to use, so we will see.  I am relieved to finally be getting back to his chemo.  He’ll have 5 treatments including yesterday’s.

In other news…  I didn’t want to say anything when it happened, because I didn’t want to take away from White’s story.  But we added a new family member to the pack.  Yes, we decided to take Tigger’s listing down off of Petfinder and make him permanent.

I had not really spent any time around him until about a week and a half ago.  Our Rochester coordinator Kelly brought him up from his Rochester foster home so that I could show him to an applicant who lives in the Twin Cities.  Well, the applicant decided that she could not have a barker (she is in an apartment), and a barker he is.  He was in my house for 10 minutes and I knew he was not leaving.  I called Lloyd and told him I was taking his listing down so no one else would apply for MY DOG.

Tigger is 8 years old (young, by our standards) and terribly sweet.  He is never more than 2 feet from me – a champion snuggler.  He wags his tail nonstop, and is ridiculously food-motivated.  He has quite a lot to say, and makes a range of sounds.  He isn’t a problem barker here, although he certainly does talk more than our others.  I love him already and he is perfect for our family.

In Whitey’s last couple days, I was able to take a couple photos of Tigger attempting to snuggle with him.  Tigger will snuggle with anyone who will allow it, and few of our other dogs will!

Here he is:

And some pics from the playdate:


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  1. It is amazing. Your world stops, but yet like you said, the sun comes upon another day and life begins again.

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