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Catch up

March 26, 2010

I have been shamefully ignoring this blog, I’m afraid.  We’ve been trying to get into a routine with our new family member, while taking care of all the family members (2-legged, 3-legged, 4-legged, permanent and foster).  But I am hopeful that things are starting to settle down a little.

Side note: My A key is sticking, so I apologize for any typos that I fail to correct.

Let’s see, where to start?

Well, I’m not sure whether I mentioned this before or not, but we got 2 sweet new adoptable boys from Iowa on the day Lloyd left for China.  Their names are Buddy and Pike, and both are sweet and very handsome guys.  Buddy has dreamboat eyes.  We will be cat-testing them tomorrow.

What else?  Aero has found a new family, and Daughtry has his home visit tonight and will probably be adopted.  We’re very happy for them!

We also have a very special new adoptable boy named Tigger.  He is 8 years old and had been in a home for 5 years.  They gave him up through no fault of his own (they said they wanted to “simplify their lives”), and he needs a second chance.  In my house, 8 years old is YOUNG!  While there are no guarantees in life, Tigger probably has lots of time to give to a new family.  He is sweet and snuggly and friendly and cat-safe.  He does have a lot to say, so might not be a good choice for someone in an apartment, although this may be partially stress-related given that he has just lost his family.  He is being fostered in Rochester right now, so please let me know if you would like to meet him.  If I could talk Lloyd into an 8th greyhound, he’d be here right now.

In our personal pack, I’m afraid the tripawds have had a bit of a rough go lately.  I took them for chemo last Tuesday, and Apollo was not able to have his treatment because his incision was still not healed up.  There was about a quarter-sized spot that just would not close up.  The tissue at the “Y” part of his incision had become necrotic, and we decided to put him back under to debride it and resuture it.  The vet actually did this while Whitey had his chemo treatment, and it took her less than half an hour.  Apollo has felt better since then and his appetite has come back.  I was starting to worry about his weight, but he has been eating well lately.  OSU wants us to wait until that has totally healed before continuing his chemo, so he has still only had one treatment, and won’t be having his scheduled chemo next week either.

Whitey did have his treatment last Tuesday and it hit him really hard.  He was “off” on Tuesday evening, and each day I hoped that he would perk back up, but he continued to slide downhill until Friday.  When Lloyd got home from work on Friday, we discussed and decided that he was definitely worse.  We called Dr Meaghan and she told us to take him to the e-vet.  Meaghan *never* says that, so when she does, I listen!  I took him up to the Blaine vet that did his amputation, since they actually see dogs who are doing chemo (the other e-vet probably does not).  They thought I was a little odd, because I walked in there knowing the blood values from his last CBC off the top of my head, as well as his temp, heart rate, and chemo drug…but oh well.  They are good there and we like all the techs.  Unfortunately they had a lot of serious emergencies that night and we ended up getting triaged until like 2AM.

When we got there, he was very weak and could barely stand, had a fever and a rapid pulse.  But his blood values didn’t look all that bad, although he clearly had gotten some infection going (which is easy to do when you are immuno-suppresed from chemo).  So they gave him a huge bolus of fluids subcutaneously and some antibiotics to go home with.  He slept like a lump from the time we got home until 5pm the next day, and has gotten gradually perkier ever since.  He is back to his old self now, thank goodness.  He was actually digging a hole in the yard yesterday with is one front leg.

And speaking of our turnout yard…  We broke down and hired Pet Yard Pickup to do a “spring cleanup” yesterday.  We had been trying to keep up with the poop ourselves, but over the winter it was impossible.  While Lloyd was in China, everything melted and we had poop soup out there.  It was disgusting.  Neither of us has time to deal with it right now, so we gave up and threw money at it.

Well….We are glad we did, because the poop professionals picked up 34 bags at 60 pounds each of poop!!!  They said we were the biggest single-yard job that they had ever had in 21 years of business.  A dubious honor indeed.  I’m going to take a photo of all the poop bags later today and I’ll post it.  If anyone local is looking for a great poop service, we love Pet Yard Pickup, and they definitely gave us a discounted price.

That’s all I’ve got time for at the moment, but I hope to get back into the swing now and update more frequently.


Meet n Greet canceled

March 20, 2010

Today’s Meet n Greet (3/20) at Richfield Petsmart is canceled, because we need to stay home and take care of our sick little guy Whitey.  We were at the e-vet with him until 3AM last night, and we all need some rest.  The Rochester Meet n Greet is not affected.  Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who had planned to come.


Art collection

March 12, 2010

Long time, no post.   Hoping to catch up soon.  Have just been a little crazy, caring for 16 four-leggers, 2 three-leggers, and a two-legger by myself for the past 3 weeks.  But Lloyd and Maisy will be back from China in less than 24 hours, so we are just about through it (either that or the you-know-what is *really* about to hit the fan!).\

Anyway, in lieu of saying anything meaningful today, I decided to post some photos of some of my greyhound art collection.  There’s a thread going about it on Greytalk, and I had too many to post there!  So here goes, in no particular order:

Some antique bookends

Chester (one of my paintings)

Giant crocheted guys

Lifesize statue from the Wichita track, won at Abilene auction

"Pop art" style prints (that I made) of the Founding Hounds of MNGR, on the kennel wall

Small cluster of Kent Roberts prints

Various - Mutts strip, two by Mary Hilliar, and one other watercolor print

More Mary Hillier originals and an Elle Wilson original

Didn't realize I had this many Mary Hillier originals...

My schnauzer, Abby, for good measure (one of mine)

My Roo (by me)

Chainsaw art

Abby Schnauzer and our 1st hound Palu, playing poker with my sister's cats

A couple "pothuggers"

Awesome handmade rug (sorry for the Xmas tree box)

A couple classics (the "Seurat" has such a glossy coating, hard to photograph....The other is a woodburning)

A little Sarah Regan Snavely

No clue where I picked this one up. He's metal.

Steve Wirz sculptures of my heart boys Tanner and Crisco (and one of my paintings)

Almost lifesize stuffed animal

My portrait of Tanner, and a small wool sculpture of Crisco

Closeup of wool sculpture

A strange, large yarn hound that I made, and one my Icart prints

Custom-made whirligig - his mouth, ears and tail move (a gift from my sister)

In-process portrait of Sly....I never seem to be able to finish this.

Sarah Regan Snavely memory boxes for Tanner, Crisco and Sly