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Not dog related…

February 25, 2010

But here’s a little pic of my new kiddo Maisy, adopted yesterday in Bei Jing.


Three Good Things Today

February 24, 2010

1.  It looks like sweet Larry may have found a family, one who needs him as much as he needs them.  Fingers crossed that it works out perfectly.

2. We got 2 beautiful new adoptable boys from Iowa yesterday, named Buddy and Pike.

3. In about 8 hours I will be the mom to TWO girls.


A boy named Larry

February 22, 2010

Sweet Larry is a 12-yr-old boy.  He is sad, because his owner of 10 years just passed away, and he no longer has a home.  He is a healthy senior with a little arthritis but no other known medical problems.  Wouldn’t you love to give this beautiful boy a nice quiet home full of love for his senior years?

This is the group who has him now.  This group gave us our sweet Whitey at age 11.  Seniors are the best!!  I would take him in a heartbeat but am afraid that our soon-to-be two little preschooler kidlets would stress him out too much.

Hoping that someone out there will see him and open their hearts.


Seniors Needing Homes

February 15, 2010

If you know me or read this blog, you know how I feel about adopting senior dogs. They are the secret treasure of the greyhound world. Believe me, I know!

Our friends at Michigan REGAP sent out this note today:


Regap Family and Friends,

As our volunteers and adopters know, odd situations arise from time to time when REGAP needs to find new homes for older dogs. We’ve had two such cases arise this weekend. Hopefully you will be able to open your heart and home to help.

Case 1: Sly and Reme are both 12 years old and due to tragic circumstances in their forever home, need to be moved. Their owner has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. His wife died in 2007, and due to frequent hospitalization (he was admitted again this week and will likely not be discharged), he is no longer able to care for his greys.

Sly and Reme have lived together for six years. The owner hopes the dogs can be kept together in a new foster or forever home for the remainder of their twilight years. Both dogs are mellow and can be left alone without being crated.

Case 2: Zipper is a lovable 10-year-old lurcher and to the untrained eye appears to be full greyhound. Although still playful he’s largely deaf, and experiences infrequent seizures. Zipper gets along well with other dogs and is cat-safe.

Zipper came to REGAP from an Ohio shelter last year, so his past life is unknown. Zipper’s foster home loves him. However, the husband’s already-delicate medical condition has recently worsened, and his wife must devote more energies to his care. Zipper’s photo and profile is on the REGAP website.

If you can help REGAP with Zipper or Sly and Reme, please email me or call 519-791-6038. You may also call Ken Marten at 313-657-3706. The dogs are in Canada, and we’d be happy to arrange transportation across the border.


If you feel like you would make a good family for any of these guys, PLEASE let me know. We got our dear Sly (yes, another Sly) through this group and I could work with them to place theses sweet pups.



February 14, 2010

First things first: To wish a very happy birthday to my sweet brave boy Apollo. He is 10 years old today.

He was excited to go in the van today to go to a Meet n Greet at a Girl Scout event. We didn’t keep him there for long because he wouldn’t settle in and lie down, and we didn’t want to overtire him. But I think he enjoyed coming along.

His wound is looking better. I am quite optimistic that we will avoid surgical debriding. Let’s see… He had his ultrasound on Wednesday night and they said he had a “healthy, athletic heart” and cleared him for chemo once the infection is gone. Then I called Dr M on Thursday to discuss the infection and the advice of the “close” vet. I had emailed Dr M a photo so she could see it. She advised waiting a while to do anything, since it would be impossible to tell how much tissue would necrose, and if they debrided it already they wouldn’t know where the margins should be. She thought we might get lucky and not have any necrosis, but didn’t really need to see him unless or until there was some. As of today, the swelling and draining are down, and none of the tissue has sloughed. So I am hoping we are in the clear. He seems prone to infection, but responds well to antibiotics.

He did have his acupuncture on Thursday. He was nervous when we got there, but was able to relax during the treatment. That vet thought his neck actually felt fine, and did a little chiropractic adjustment on his spine. Then did some acupuncture on his back and rear legs to help them bear the extra burden. He actually did seem a little perkier the next day, so maybe it helped. We’ll probably do a few more at least to see what we get.

I had used some of the Christmas money I got from my mom to splurge on some new Wallybeds for the crew, and they came on Friday. Do you think they like them?

Happy looking dogs, huh?

So, my tripawd guys are doing pretty well. Especially White, who has taken to stalking 2-yr-old Hank in the yard and trying to spring out at him. But still this weekend feels sad for us. At the acupuncture vet on Thursday night, it was not lost on me that I was there exactly one year ago with 2 other dogs – Crisco and Tanner (instead of White and Apollo) – and hearing that news that Tanner had advanced osteosarcoma in his hip. We had been trying everything to get him out of pain and figure out what was wrong, but we didn’t catch it in time. He was diagnosed on a Friday evening and left us on Monday morning. And I miss him every single day. I see a lot of Tanner in Apollo, and I saw other sides of him in Sly, but no one could ever be just like my sweet, precious, silly little Tanner.



February 10, 2010

Did I say something about it being a slow vet week? Guess I jinxed myself.

As of this afternoon, Apollo has an infection at his surgery site. It’s pretty angry looking. We ended up going to the close vet with him this evening (our regular vet was already closed by the time I convinced myself that it was actually infected). Well, let’s back up actually. He’s been out of sorts yesterday and today. Several times I’ve barely touched him, to scritch his ears or rub his head, and he has yelped and run away, looking at me like, “I can’t believe you did that!” Which makes me feel awful, and I didn’t know what was happening. Called my good (regular) vet and told her my suspicion, which she shared, that he has some muscle/nerve stuff happening with his neck from using his muscles differently.

So, she called in a prescription for methocarbamol (muscle relaxant) to the close vet. I went there to pick it up with Sunny after getting her from school. Then we went BACK to that same vet with Apollo about 3 hours later, after I took off his shirt and got a good look at the icky incision.

Two vet visits today.

Tomorrow, we have the thoracic ultrasound in Richfield. Thursday, I’ll need to take him up to the regular vet to have the incision looked at. Then Thursday night he goes to the acupuncture vet in Stillwater for a treatment for his neck. I don’t THINK I have a vet appointment on Friday, but I am not counting my chickens.

So yeah, it’s looking like no chemo next week for Apollo (just Whitey). Got to get the infection under control. The close vet thinks we may actually have to put him under and surgically debride it. I am really hoping to avoid putting him under again. He responded really well to antibiotics with his last surgery and subsequent infection, so maybe we will get lucky again.

Unfortunately, now we are running a pharmacy again. He gets 50mg of Deramaxx in the morning and 25 at night. 50 of Gabapentin in the morning. Methocarbamol every 12 hours, and 1000 of Cephalexin ever 8 hours. Plus, of course Artemisinin and his other supplements. Poor dude. I’m going to get him well if it kills me.

He’s very out of sorts tonight. Did not even want the chicken nuggets we stopped to get on the way home. Although he did enthusiastically eat a good breakfast today, so I am not terribly worried yet. I think he just needs to rest and recover, and hopefully the meds will not upset his tummy too much.


Puppy available

February 8, 2010

An adoption group that we are friends with in Iowa has a 16-month old boy with 3 legs who is available for adoption. He is housetrained, healthy and very sweet! If you might be interested, please let me know and I will get more info for you. We could get him up here very, very easily!