Couple Photos

November 29, 2009

Friday was Whitey’s first Meet n Greet.  He gave me a big tail wag when it was apparent that he had a shot at going someplace, so we decided to bring him.  He hung in there, although laid down the majority of the time (which I’d expect even a 4-legged 11-yr-old to do anyway).  He enjoyed seeing the other dogs and getting some love.  It was amazing to me how many people really seemed to not notice that he was missing a leg.  I mean, I guess that when he is lying down, you might assume that he has it tucked under him somehow and not give it a second look.  But when standing, pretty obvious that there are only 3 legs on that white dog!  Only a handful of people asked about it though.  He has a snazzy new tripawd t-shirt from Critter Cozies and a warm new tripawd sweatshirt from Cottage Hound, so he was stylin’.

We stopped for bagels before the MnG, and Apollo and Whitey got to split a turkey and cream cheese sandwich.  Whitey’s first carbs since diagnosis.  He scarfed it down like a snake swallowing a rabbit whole, then looked longingly at Apollo savoring his half.

When we got home, Whitey was TIRED.  He slept like a log the rest of the day, and didn’t even object to a “friend” joining him in his favorite bed.  Here’s Hank:

They sat like this a long time, until Hank threw a leg over Whitey and Whitey yelped.  I hauled Hank out of the beanbag chair, and then he went to pout.  It occurred to me after a while that I hadn’t seen him lately.  So I went looking, and this is what I found.  He pulled all the coats down, made a bed, and went to sleep in it:

Sigh.  Typical Hank.

Anyway, Whitey’s been doing pretty good.  He has perked up in the last day or two and is moving around more.  He’ll get up and come over when I come home, for example.  And we’ve gotten a couple tail wags.  I think we’ll be seeing his personality coming back more and more.  I’ve cut out all the meds except 50mg of Deramaxx in the morning, plus 50mg of Gabapentin.  He’ll get his staples out this week (potentially tomorrow) and we’ll see whether the vet wants us to continue those meds.  I’m inclined to keep at least one of them a little while longer, because he does still whine if he is bumped on that side or tries to lie down on it.  His mobility is really pretty good now, and the only thing he still can’t do is to get up if he flops down on the bad side.

In other news, Angel was adopted by a new family on Friday.  She went to join a greyhound sister, Nonna, plus a 2-yr-old human brother (who got his shoes totally covered in poop running around in our yard — sorry Connor’s mom!).  Plus we have a family coming tomorrow to try out Latey with their 2 greyhounds and 2 cornish rex cats.  We’ll see how THAT goes!  It’ll be great for Latey if it works, because I’ve known this family for years and they are awesome.


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