Good boy, Whitey

November 22, 2009

Good day today. He is still very tired, will still pant a little and occasionally whine. But definitely better. The edema is pretty much gone. And he is moving a little more freely. He still lies on his bed 99.9% of the time, but when he wants to get up, it is not so much of an ordeal.

We have been watching him like a hawk, and basically one of us was within sight of him all the time since surgery. Today, I went to take a shower, and Lloyd and Sunny were lying on the floor of the living room watching “Up.” When I left, Whitey was sound asleep on a bed on the other side of the room (behind Lloyd and Sunny). I was drying off, when I heard a little yip — the yip that Whitey makes sometimes when he gets up to his feet (like a little “ouch!”). So I called out to Lloyd, “What’s happening?” Lloyd had apparently dozed off, and failed to notice that Whitey not only got to his feet, but hopped across the room and GOT HIMSELF ONTO THE COUCH. The yip was because he had flopped down onto the couch on his bad side. We have no idea how he did it, but wow. Pics below.

So after that, we started letting him move about without one of us having a hand on him or his harness. We stay within 6 feet or so, but I think he feels a little better not having one of us hover. He’s a little more confident (although still pretty shaky). We hold onto him when he goes up or down the ramp to the kennel, or when other dogs could potentially bump him. But when he’s walking in the open, he can balance on his own pretty well. I do think it helped him feel more “normal’ to remove the bandage. Still takes a lot out of him to do a turnout, and he stops and rests a few times along the way, but definitely making progress. I’m so proud of my little guy.


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