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Italian Greyhound Wedding

October 30, 2009

We adopted our first 7 greyhounds from Carl at Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta, and I volunteered there for several years before we moved to MN. Check out the video below to see Carl on the local Atlanta news. The AAGA “mascot” — an italian greyhound named Prince — will be getting married to the news anchor’s italian greyhound, live on air. It will hopefully be great publicity for AAGA. The group gets 99% retired racers, but does occasionally take in a rescued IG or whippet.

Prince’s Introduction to Atlanta:

Wedding Announcement and Guest Book:


Sunday and Monday

October 27, 2009

Busy day today… Took the 4 new adoptable dogs up to the vet for their spay/neuters and shots. The vet we use is an hour north of us — Lakes Vet in Lindstrom, with wonderful Dr Meaghan. Usually Lloyd takes them in because he works up near there…but last night he discovered that tonight was parent conferences at his son’s school. And there was no way he could pick the dogs up AND get down to the conferences (which are 45 minutes SOUTH of us). So I did the dogs….but then we had the problem of what to do with the 2-legger kid! So we swapped roles today; he picked her up from school, fed her, took her to grandma’s, then headed down for conferences, while I did the pick-up dog run. I didn’t get home until 7:15, and he and Sunny didn’t get home until almost 9:00. Long day.

But especially long for the poor boy dogs! Both Ollie and Pluto had undescended testicles, which is pretty uncommon in these guys. Pluto’s were bilateral. Ollie just had one undescended, and they didn’t realize it before they started the surgery; so the poor guy has the regular neuter incision, PLUS the bigger abdomen incision that the ultimately had to make to fish out the second one. They are so dopey and sore. Poor guys. With routine neuters, the boys are usually fine and acting more or less normally by the end of the same night. Not this time!

Anyway, we had a fun day yesterday. We had a little impromptu greyhound get-together at our house, with some of our past adoptees. We had 15 greyhounds, their people, plus one Bernese Mountain Dog over for snacks and off-leash play in our turnout yard. After all the rain lately, the yard was already a mess. But after 15 dogs, plus our 7 adoptables and a couple of our personal dogs ran around in there for a while, we had poop soup. yuck. It was great to see everyone, though, and see how happy the hounds are with their families.

I had a camera in my pocket the whole time, and even a video camera in case they started to “race,” but I somehow managed to not take a single photo. Fortunately, other people did. Thanks to Bob and Turtle’s mom for these:













Lazy Sunday Morning

October 26, 2009




Article on racing in Texas

October 26, 2009

Groups divided on greyhound injuries


Buy Stuff!!

October 25, 2009

As you know, we lost 3 hounds to cancer this year… The Ohio State University has a “Greyhound Wellness” program that is dedicated to studying cancer in greyhounds. They consulted on our cases, but unfortunately their cancer was too advanced to be helped. But OSU consults for FREE for any greyhound with cancer, and they have helped many, many hounds. They continue to do research to find more effective treatment methods, and hopefully someday a cure.

The Hope for Hounds auction raises money for this program. Please check out their items, and bid high and often!

(I have a mosaic in the auction, FWIW.)

Check out the auction here!


Meet n Greet this weekend

October 23, 2009

On Saturday, our Rochester Area Coordinator, Kelly, will be having a Meet n Greet at “Leashes & Leads”….6214 14th St NW, Byron. They will be there from 10-3. Please feel free to stop by, whether you already have a hound or are interested in meeting some!


Deaths at Dairyland

October 21, 2009

Most of our dogs come from this track.

Investigation launched into 6 greyhound deaths at Dairyland